City of Lethbridge Inventory of Historic Places
RKH Architecture completed Statements of Significance (SOS) for 12 Historic Places in the City of Lethbridge. The inventory followed the Government of Alberta Cultural and Community Spirit for Historic Places requirements, an evaluation of the historical, cultural and architectural significance and integrity, and the degree that each identified site had retained. This inventory was part of Phase III of the City of Lethbridge Inventory of Historic Places.

The process began with the identification of twelve potential sites compiled by the City of Lethbridge and the Lethbridge Historical Society. Several site visits were made to confirm and clarify findings, for photographic recording of existing conditions and to interview current occupants. Information provided by various historical groups was also sourced. Included in the study as supporting documentation for the Statements of Significance and Integrity were current photographs, historic photographs gathered for study and copies of articles and data.

This inventory project was highlighted by the discovery of a Post Office in Staffordville prior to its annexation into the City of Lethbridge. Initial information provided by the City indicated that Bertie Grocery was built in 1917. Further research determined that an address change occurred during the annexation in 1913 (from 67 - 9th Avenue to 707 9th Avenue North). The Staffordville Post can be best estimated as being built in 1910 with property ownership dating back to August 19, 1892 (Emma Valentino of the Town of Lethbridge, NWT of Canada). Final confirmation of the date of construction completion may be found in documentation that was reported to being handed over to the City of Lethbridge (Lethbridge Daily Herald April 17, 1913) as part of the official annexation. This documentation has not been located by the City and may have been lost in a flood many years ago.
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